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Oso Supply Co.

What started with a desire to ditch boring gear and find something that matched our sense of style has grown into Oso’s incredible community of artists and adventurers. We’re biiiiig on self-expression and embracing your own personality throughout everyday life, which is why we’ve made it our mission to bring unique designs to the forefront of adventurous hobbies.

Some say Oso Supply Co was born out of our love for adventure.

The real story goes a little something like this…

It all started with a search for the perfect chalk bag…something as unique as the person using it. But after searching through dozens of basic, boring bags on the market, we quickly realized we’d have to make it ourselves. So, we did.

You know that feeling when a piece of gear is juuuust right? That’s the feeling we got when we designed our first chalk bag. Now, we offer so much more than chalk bags, but are still chasing that day-one feeling of “just right.” We’re eager to continue pouring every ounce of creativity, passion, and joy we have into everything we make.

Our Values


Oso Supply Co
Gives Back

We strive to reinvest in our planet whenever (and however) we can. When you make a purchase through our website, we turn those profits into progress through organizations like 1% for the Planet and the Access Fund. Thank you for helping us give back to mother nature!

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Colorful Collaborations

By working with adventurous independent artists, we’re able to create unique, nature-inspired designs that promote self-expression wherever you go. When you shop our gear, you can filter by artist or product to find the perfect option for you.

Our Community

Built upon a foundation of connectivity and self-expression, our Oso community includes adventurers, weekend warriors, advocates, families, and teams, all united by a common value: authenticity in the great outdoors. Interested in connecting with our community on Instagram or joining our talented team of ambassadors?

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